About the Brand


Hello!  My name is Fernando Wicker. I am the founder of W.I.C.K. clothing brand. W.I.C.K. stands for With Impact Creates Knowledge. Since a kid I always wanted to have my own. Rather it was my very own basketball to play with or my very own brand that I can stand behind. The cougar attached to W.I.C.K. stands for assertiveness, enigma, and wisdom. 

Our goal is to make history. This brand main purpose is to be the voice for the misunderstood individuals. Many people have amazing and creative ideas but are scared to put their dreams to work. Those people either do not know where to start or they are in a very rugged environment where receiving great information is not an option for them. We're here to tell you that you can reach great heights of success with your potential, you just have to be willing to change your ways for the better. Opportunity meets preparation.